Broken kernels of rice are ground (pulverized) into rice flour, at different granulations. Rice flour, can be used in many industries from snacks, cereals, food service, to cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. The rice starches can also be pre-gelatinized to allow for additional functionality as desired. From coatings to baked and extruded foods, rice flour is extremely adaptable and offers distinct advantages other flours do not. Its gluten free, non-gmo and neutral flavor characteristics provide excellent benefits that are increasingly being used in new applications.

Standard Products

Long Grain Rice Flour:

Ground rice flour that is made from Southern long grain rice.

Whole Grain Brown Rice Flour:

Stabilized long grain rice flour.

Pregelatinized Rice Flour:

Rice flour made from a starch that has been cooked, gelatinized, and sometimes sheared (depending on which pregel flour used).


Cereals, Bars, Breads, Snacks, Bakery Mixes, Binders, Breadings, and Batters.

Packaging Options:

Packaging Options: Available in 50 lb. bags, 2,000 lb. super sacks, bulk pneumatic truck, and bulk railcar.

Customized Products

Designed to Meet Customer Preferences:

Our rice flour is customizable to support virtually any specific product design in order to meet manufacturer requirements.